Further is a global company with a mission

Further believes anyone with a serious illness should have access to the very best medical treatment from leading hospitals and clinics around the world, so we create affordable health insurance products that bring peace of mind if you don't need it and the very best treatment if you do.

Further is there for you, every step of the way

Further insurance products break down financial and geographic barriers to international medical treatment and smooth the treatment path during a stressful time.

Our products provide comprehensive serious illness health insurance to people, regardless of where they live or their financial circumstances.

Our insured members, if diagnosed with a covered serious medical condition, will have access to the best international hospitals and specialist treatment.

We organise everything from the cost of treatment to hospital appointments, travel and hotels. We're there every step of the way to support our members and their families.

Further Designs

Insurance products that make accessing the very best international healthcare easy

Further Partners

With over 100 leading insurance companies, banks and corporations in more than 30 countries

Further Delivers

Peace of mind and support in hard times.

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