COVID-19 communication

The safety and well-being of our clients is our utmost priority at Further. Since the first reports of the Covid-19 outbreak in the news, Further has been following the developments closely, considering the probable scenarios at the highest level and taking all the necessary measures. However, as an industry, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and it is, therefore, challenging to state or accurately predict the circumstances and difficulties that may arise and the specific actions that can be taken to lessen the impact to claimants.

As a result of the developing situation regarding COVID-19, we are seeing some restrictions from authorities, hospitals and airlines relating to specific countries that will have an impact on the ability to deliver benefits and services under the elective out of country plan for some claimants.

At this stage Further is prioritizing our ability to continue providing services to claimants and provide the most accurate information of the quickly changing circumstances so that we may correctly manage all their expectations. To this end, we have activated our business continuity plan in order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we continue to be 100% operational across all of our international locations. However, we must be conscious that third party restrictions will likely impede the ability for the policy to function correctly.

Where such circumstances materialise, we will address these on a case by case basis with all the involved parties.


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