Employee benefits with real value

In a rapidly-changing world, giving your employees peace of mind over their health is a constant you can’t put a price on.

By guaranteeing access to the very best medical care in the world, Further helps companies offer employee benefits of real value.

Further gives your employees choice

Service structure

We cover all medical, travel and accommodation expenses when patients are abroad for treatment.


Our solutions deliver what we promise. Our processes are easy and clear.

Worldwide access

Further ensures people can access the best international healthcare.


Portal based solution, offering full transparent instant reporting combined with straight through simple administration processes.

Employee benefits that stand out

Our product offers a highly affordable way for companies to show they appreciate their staff and at the same time attract and retain the best talent.

It can be offered as a standalone policy or as an add-on to general life or critical illness insurance. We offer a one-size-fits-all solution that can be deployed across a local or global workforce.

Business case stories of employers

Major US multinational employer with over 80,000 employees globally

There has been a yearly growth in take up following the scheme’s rollout with a 73% take up by the third year of the programme.


To address the needs of employees who required expert support to manage complex health problems. To identify and engage international expertise to deliver the programme.


Once selected as the international partner, Further developed a programme with the employer and worked on a communications campaign. This included production of employer specific brochures, onsite employee presentations, regular webinars and ongoing support by Further staff. The scheme has been implemented in three countries and more launches are planned.


73% take up on a voluntary scheme.

Major European International bank


To provide uniform health insurance coverage to all employees across a diverse range of markets in Europe and Africa.


Working towards a single ‘go live’ deadline across 11 countries, Further engaged its network of international insurance partners to roll out the Critical Advantage programme to all the bank's employees.


20,000 employees covered
11 countries
1 unique employee benefit

Major European International bank

“We wanted to provide our employees with access to an innovative international healthcare programme so we chose Further. It is an affordable solution that puts employers in control of their health spend.”

Natalia Konyaeva


Total Rewards Manager, Philip Morris Sales and Marketing Ltd

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee care and wellbeing form an integral part of corporate social responsibility. Staff who feel appreciated and cared for by their employer are more productive and loyal. What better benefit can you offer your people than the knowledge they’ll be well looked after in the face of serious illness? Let Further help make your intentions a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

Further offers affordable health cover to your employees so if they develop a serious medical condition they can access the best possible treatment anywhere in the world.

What products do you offer?

Critical Advantage is our flagship product. It covers all costs to ensure your staff can receive the treatment that is right for them, wherever that is. This includes preliminary tests, the treatment itself, accommodation, flights and visas. The product allows them the choice and access to the best medical treatment globally.

How does it work?

If your employee has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition that is covered by Critical Advantage, we will identify a medical expert to confirm the diagnosis and take into consideration the opinions of their doctors.

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