Peace of mind has no price.

Our product is affordable, simple and ready to go. It can be offered as a standalone policy or as a rider to general life or critical illness cover. It gives your customers the chance to access the very best medical treatment in the world.

Quality and simplicity

Accessing top quality medical treatment needn’t be complicated. We take care of everything from travel and accommodation arrangements, to hospital navigation and claims payment. Simple.

“ From the first call to my return home after the surgery, everything was organized perfectly. I infinitely appreciate and respect Further’s professionalism and human approach to find a solution for my situation.”

Elena, 36 years-old


A seamless solution

Our product provides an end-to-end solution that is quick, effective and easy to integrate so your customers are protected right away.

Business case stories of our insurers

"Most Innovative new product"

Leading insurance company in the UK

Cover UK Insurance Awards 2015.

More than 120,000 policies purchased since launch.


To raise profile and increase share in the protection market. Emphasise position as a market innovator and as a "family insurer".


Critical Advantage was implemented as an integrated rider and was made available on life, critical illness and income protection products.


The Further team worked with the insurer to align all aspects of the product including underwriting and policy wording. The result was a seamless solution that allowed the insurer to automatically accept applicants for Critical Advantage at quote stage (if accepted on the base protection product).

Prominent Life Insurer in Russia with a focus on bank distribution


To address the needs of banking partners who wanted to include an innovative health product in their offer to customers. It had to be easy to sell and ready to issue at the point of sale. It had to offer real value for the customer but remain affordable at the same time.


Further worked with the insurer to create a version of Critical Advantage that would meet the banks' requirements and help them promote the product to their retail customers.


Successfully launched the product through six banks.

Prominent Life Insurer in Russia with a focus on bank distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Further offer?

CRITICAL ADVANTAGE® is our flagship product. We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible healthcare if they’re seriously ill, regardless of income or geography. That’s the reason we developed this product, to cover people in times of need.

What does the product cover?

The product covers treatment for serious illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and ensures your insured member can receive the treatment that’s right for them, anywhere in the world. This includes preliminary tests, the treatment itself, accommodation, flights and visa requirements where necessary. The product allows them choice and access to the best medical treatment globally.

What kind of treatments do you cover?

On some of our products we provide cover for many of the latest and most innovative healthcare treatments, such as gene therapy. Our ethos is to identify and deliver health insurance opportunities that can add value to our customers and clients. The health market is evolving dramatically and Further is at the forefront of that change.

Are you accredited?

Yes, Further is ISO 9001:2015 certified and works with JCI approved hospitals to offer high quality, advanced medical solutions and treatments. We’re also backed by a leading re-insurer with a Standard & Poor’s A+ rating and access to leading doctors worldwide, providing cover for people across 30 countries.

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