Precision Medicine
Personalised treatment options to better fight cancer

No one cancer is the same, so treatment plans shouldn’t be either

Precision Medicine uses the most advanced molecular profiling tests to screen the individual DNA and RNA of each tumour

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Optimised cancer

Genetic data identifies the optimal approach for each unique tumour

Better medical

Improved overall survival and progression-free survival vs standard treatment

quality of life

Targeted therapies reduce side effects and avoid unnecessary treatments

New developments in cancer treatments are advancing at pace but patient access to them is often limited, complex and costly.

At Further, we’re on a mission to change this with our new Precision Medicine product for cancer

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Simplifies a complex care journey incorporating the latest medical advances, techniques and expertise


Our expert team hand-holds patient and family through their whole treatment journey


Eases the financial burden of cancer and facilitates affordable access to costly treatment

What is Precision CancerCare™
and how does it work?

Access to the world’s most advanced laboratories and Precision Medicine experts for molecular profiling of cancer and Expert Medical Opinion report.

Treatment indication to therapies optimising efficiency and therapeutical benefits and full navigation and collaboration with treating oncologist.

If there is no approved treatment available, the patient will be matched, if eligible, to relevant Clinical Trials, including support with enrolment and travel arrangements.

Where a hereditary mutation is detected, family members of the patient will be tested for the presence of the mutation so that appropriate genetic counseling can be provided.

Our full solution provides end-to-end treatment overseas in world-leading cancer facilities, including all travel arrangements and costs.

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We partner with insurers, employers and distributors to offer this high-value, high-impact global solution to their clients and employees.”

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