Case stories


, 39 years old

Location of patient: Poland

Health condition: Breast cancer

Hospital: MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid

Type of treatment: Chemotherapy and surgery

Cost of treatment: €166,000

Aneta was a healthy, 39-year-old nurse in Poland who was married with a five-year-old son.

One morning in the shower she felt a lump in her right breast.

She underwent a consultation with her doctor who ordered a biopsy and genetic test which showed Aneta had developed a rare form of breast cancer.

Her cancer was caused by a harmful mutation in her BRCA1 gene and was only seen in 5-9 percent of cases.

Her doctor in Poland told her there was no chance of a cure.

Devastated and shocked by her terminal prognosis, Aneta contacted the Further team and asked us to investigate whether there may be treatment abroad.
How Further helped
We carried out a detailed assessment of the case and collected her medical records and imaging documents.

We looked for the best treatment centre that would accept Aneta as a patient and presented a choice of several leading hospitals in Spain, Germany and Italy.

Aneta chose the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Madrid that specialises in breast cancer treatment. The hospital is an international affiliate of the MD Anderson Group, a renowned group of US-based hospitals known for their clinical excellence and breast cancer expertise.
Treatment and impact
Because Aneta was covered by our Critical Advantage policy, she faced no financial or geographic barriers to receiving her treatment. Further took care of all the arrangements on her behalf.

Following her first consultation in Madrid and a full medical check, cancer was also detected in Aneta's lung.

The doctors recommended chemotherapy to reduce the area of the tumour. An operation on her lung cancer was performed successfully using the latest medical technology.

All costs and arrangements for the surgery, treatment, travel and accommodation were covered by the insurance that Aneta had first taken out in 2013 for the birth of her son.

She is now back home and feeling better. She is still being supported by her foreign doctors and the Further team.
"We know that in Poland, when it comes to the treatment of serious illnesses, it is tough, the access to modern medication is difficult, and we thought that someday everyone can fall ill, so we decided to get the insurance."
"I believe I made the right decision but it was difficult leaving my son. I didn’t know how things would end and worried I might lose precious time with my baby before I passed away. But I came for treatment and now here I am - with my husband and my little son and I’m living a normal life."

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