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, 49 years old

Location of patient: Russia

Health condition: Larynx cancer

Hospital: Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Type of treatment: Radiotherapy

Cost of treatment: €61,000

At the end of 2016 Konstantin was experiencing hoarseness in his voice but didn't pay much attention to it until his symptoms worsened. He was examined in June 2017 by an ear, nose and throat specialist who informed him he suspected larynx cancer. This diagnosis was confirmed following a histopathological examination. Local doctors recommended chemotherapy treatment for the grade 3 cancer followed by radiotherapy. Another specialist recommended surgery and warned Konstantin his cancer was probably terminal. Faced with a life-threatening illness, differing opinions on the most appropriate treatment and a waiting list for local healthcare, Konstantin was grateful to be able to access the international treatment plan provided by Further. Being insured meant there were no geographic or financial barriers when it came to accessing the best medical expertise.
How Further helped
Within 24-hours of his first contact to Further, Konstantin was contacted by a member of our medical team for a phone interview. We then assigned a coordinator to his case and collected all his medical records and X-rays related to his cancer diagnosis. We prepared a detailed clinical summary to help guide Konstantin in choosing the most appropriate treatment centre and international specialist.
Treatment and impact
Instead of having to wait for treatment locally, Konstantin was able to travel with his wife to one of the leading international hospitals in Asia. Severance Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, has extensive experience in successfully treating oncology patients. The team at Further took care of all his hospital admissions and travel arrangements, including the interpreter services to help in his consultations. Following the first consultation with the assigned doctor, Konstantin was informed that the initial diagnosis made in Russia of grade 3 cancer was in fact incorrect. He was told his cancer was a less serious grade 1 condition which meant an entirely revised treatment plan that was much less harmful to his health. Konstantin underwent radiotherapy sessions. Once treatment and follow-up testing was over, doctors said the cancer was gone and he could return home. Having access to treatment abroad with the Critical Advantage programme changed Konstantin’s life. No longer facing the acute effects of a laryngectomy, which would have resulted in him losing his voice, now he can focus on recovery.
"Local doctors did not promise me anything and did not give me any hope. The situation was uncertain and I was very anxious. It felt hopeless until the moment I contacted Further."
"From the first moment I was contacted by the Further team, I felt supported in all aspects of the process. All I had to do was pack my luggage. Everything else was taken care of by the team."

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