Case stories


, 42 years old

Location of patient: Zagreb, Croatia

Health condition: Breast cancer

Hospital: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Spain

Type of treatment: Surgery

Cost of treatment: €97,000

After being diagnosed with pneumonia in November 2017, Mihaela’s radiologist noted a shadow located on her left breast. A few months later, Mihaela felt a lump in the same area. Her doctor referred Mihaela for a breast ultrasound, which showed a nodule on her left breast that the doctor diagnosed as a benign breast lesion.

Uncertain and concerned about her diagnosis, Mihaela went to a private practice and on the same day a biopsy was performed. Mihaela was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and advised to have surgery to remove it. She was put on a waiting list for the surgical procedure.  

Mihaela had access to Further's policy through her employer, providing access to the best international medical treatment. Mihaela was immediately provided access to the international centres of excellence renowned for treating her condition.
How Further helped
The Further team carried out a detailed assessment of Mihaela’s case, collected her medical records and located the best treatment options abroad.

Since Mihaela’s preferred treatment destinations were Spain and Germany, our team recommended leading international hospitals located in these countries.

Mihaela chose a hospital specialising in the treatment of breast cancer – the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Madrid - which is a part of the MD Anderson group, a renowned U.S. based group of hospitals noted for clinical excellence.
Treatment and impact
The Further team made all of the arrangements for Mihaela to travel to Spain from Croatia to receive treatment, overseeing the hospital admissions process, translation of records and all travel details.
She underwent testing and consultations with her international doctors and a treatment plan was set for Mihaela. She required a radical mastectomy after which her doctor recommended chemotherapy. The mastectomy and reconstruction surgery were very successful.

Our team also arranged additional tests following her surgery, such as BRCA gene and Mammaprint test, which found that Mihaela had a high risk of the cancer recurring and was prescribed hormonotherapy.
All the costs and arrangements for the surgery, chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, genetic testing, travel and accommodation were all covered by the policy that Mihaela obtained as an employee benefit from her employer.

She is now home and feeling like herself again. She is still being supported both by her doctors in Madrid and the Further team, and will return for follow-up in 3 months time, a service that is also covered by the policy.
"I am so thankful to my company for offering this policy and giving me the opportunity to seek treatment that I would otherwise not have been able to afford"
"I would highly recommend this programme to everybody. The process from start to finish was fast and effective. There is no waiting list and there were some tests before surgery that we don't even have access to in our country or if we do have them, then there is a waiting list of 2-3 years and it is very expensive."
"Further took care of everything for me from the start. They organised travel from door-to-door as well as an interpreter, as I was concerned I wouldn't be able to communicate my issue properly. It put me at ease - she was with me throughout the consultations and treatments. The team was so accommodating and checked in on how I was feeling every step of the way."

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