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, 59 years old

Location of patient: Egypt

Health condition: B-non Hodgkin lymphoma

Hospital: Charité Berlin Hospital, Germany

Type of treatment: Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant

Cost of treatment: €350,000

Mohammed is a 59-year-old Egyptian man. Following a routine health check, he was told he had an abnormally high production of white blood cells with a B-cell malignancy.

He was diagnosed with indolent B-non Hodgkin lymphoma which tends to grow slowly. Because of this, his doctor advised him not to undergo treatment until there were more obvious symptoms.

He was informed that B-non Hodgkin lymphoma, which accounts for around eight percent of all non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases, are usually benign at the beginning and only become more aggressive with time.

Mohammed didn't settle for this advice. He was keen to investigate early treatment options and contacted the Further team for support and advice.
How Further helped
After Mohammed activated his international insurance policy, Further assigned a case manager to collate his medical records.

We carried out a detailed analysis of the case and sought a second medical opinion.

Our team then produced a number of treatment options which were provided to Mohammed, along with our recommendations of hospitals.
Treatment and impact
Because his condition was complicated, many of the medical centres were not confident they could help to treat Mohammed. 

Eventually, we approached the Charité Berlin Hospital in Germany that agreed to provide the first consultation and possible further treatment. 

During his first visit there it was discovered that he also had acute leukaemia as well as non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mohammed was hospitalised immediately and given a month of chemotherapy. Following this, a stem cell transplant was deemed to be the only option.

To improve the chance of success with transplant operations, surgeons try to find a donor who is a perfect match to the patient.

In Mohammed’s case they were unable to find a full match and it was agreed to proceed with a half-matched donor stem cell obtained from his brother. This procedure, known as a haploidentical transplant, was performed successfully.

Mohammed then stayed in Germany for six months under the watch of doctors. After the rehabilitation period was over doctors said he could return to Egypt.

The Further team arranged the trip home for the brothers and later we organised Mohammed’s follow-up consultation in Berlin where he was told his leukaemia was in complete remission.

There were also no signs of active disease nor graft versus host disease (GvHD) which is a medical complication that sometimes occurs after a stem cell transplant.

Further's staff took care of everything including the costs associated with compatibility testing for the donor.

For Mohammed, the option of international treatment through his insurance policy saved his life. No longer facing a terminal diagnosis, he´s with his family and getting better every day.
"My physician is the head of the stem cell transplant department. I was lucky to have him as my doctor as he’s a very knowledgeable medical expert who’s given me the best treatment. The Further team arranged the transfer of the required funds for my hospital treatment and there was excellent contact and follow up."

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